UAC with Low Volume Closed Blood Sampling

This is the UAC system; please take a moment to review our Hummi Micro Draw brochure.

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Umbilical Catheter with Integral Low-Volume Closed Blood Sampling System

Reduced Risk for Infection and IVH Development During UAC Blood Sampling

Closed Port System

  • Integral closed system for UAC blood sampling from the time of initial line placement.
  • Closed access through the Micro T Split Septum T-Connector with microbial barrier; sampling directly from UAC catheter hub using the Hummi Micro-Draw Blood Transfer Device.
  • Lowest volume clearance (0.5mL) and lowest flush volume (0.3mL) of any blood sampling system.
  • Best practice infection control with closed port arterial line change and closed port flushing.

Reduced Risk for Alteration of Cerebral Blood Flow

  • Reduce risk for alteration in cerebral blood flow in hemodynamic change in the neonate, now shown to contribute to IVH development.
  • Seventy (70) percent reduction in overall blood/fluid movement required for UAC blood sampling when used with the Hummi Micro-Draw Blood Transfer Device.
  • Overall blood/fluid movement during UAC blood draw of 4mL to 6mL is reduced to 1.3mL.
  • Clearance volume for UAC blood draw is reduced to only 0.5mL.
  • Reduced flush volumes for UAC after sampling to 0.3mL, contributing to more stable sodium values.
  • Current blood sampling methods increase the risk of IVH/PVL in the use of umbilical catheters in neonates.(see footnote in PDF)

Improved Line Maintenance

  • UAC catheter with closed blood draw system preassembled for improved infection control.
  • Dual port device with integral valves provides closed line change port and closed flushing port.
  • Reduced risk of biofilm formation in arterial line due to blood contact and residual blood in line after sampling and flushing.2 No blood is drawn into arterial line for sampling with this closed system.
  • Reduced air bubbles and wave form damping by elimination of extra in-line components.
  • No impact on wave form integrity from integral closed sampling system.

High Quality UAC Catheter

  • Highly visible French size and catheter type marking on catheter hub (Fig. 1)
  • Clear distinct markings on catheter for easy visualization during placement (Fig. 2).
  • Highly radiopaque for placement confirmation.
  • Smooth rounded tip for reduced risk of vessel wall damage or perforation during insertion (Fig. 3).
  • Available in polyurethane and silicone material.

Integral Closed Blood Sampling System

  • Utilizes the Micro T Split Septum T-Connector for direct access to umbilical catheter hub.
  • The Hummi Micro-Draw Blood Transfer Device provides access with a 1mm diameter capillary size sterile blunt tube. Reduced portal size required for entry may reduce risk for bacterial ingress.3
  • Only ONE access through the closed split septum required for entire blood draw procedure.
  • Dual closed-port device for closed arterial line change and closed flush port, as recommended by Vermont Oxford Network for line setup and hub care for umbilical lines.

Kit Description

Single lumen, sterile, radiopaque catheter with radius tip, Hummi Micro-Draw Blood Transfer Device, Micro T Split Septum T-Connector, Dual Port Device with two closed-port silicone valves. All components sterile, latex free, DEHP free, nontoxic.