Hummi Micro-Draw Brochure

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The Hummi Micro-Draw Blood Transfer Device significantly improves arterial line blood sampling from a UAC/UVC catheter to a blood collection device.

A new improved method for blood sampling from umbilical arterial catheters that may also reduce risks vs current methods

Hummi Micro Draw

  • Reduces bolusing by reducing blood clearance and flush volume
  • Reduces UAC clearance volumes prior to drawing blood to 0.5mL
  • Reduces flush volumes for UAC after sampling to 0.3mL\Reduces overall blood/fluid movement during UAC blood draws from 4mL to 6mL down to 1.3mL
  • Approximately a 70% reduction in overall blood/fluid movement required for UAC blood sampling
  • Transfers blood directly from the catheter hub to the collection device
  • Maintains a closed system access through a closed port split septum
  • Reduces line accesses to 1 per blood draw (vs 4 for open stopcocks)
  • Eliminates the need for complex and bulky in-line closed systems
  • Eliminates setup time, in-line air issues and wave form damping seen with current in-line blood draw devices
  • Draws NO blood into the arterial line during sampling procedure
  • Provides for needleless access and reduced blood exposure
  • Standardizes blood waste to a very low volume for each draw, less than 0.2mL

Improves PAL Sampling Methods

  • Eliminates the Open Drip Method for PAL sampling
  • May extend the life of the PAL catheter due to lower volume movement
  • No positive or negative pressure applied to radial artery
  • No flushing required after PAL blood draw
  • Disposable after single use. Use only when needed

Technical Specifications

  • Accepts luer lock / luer slip syringes or needleless collection devices