About Us

At Hummingbird Med we develop our products from bedside experience working with Neonatal Nurses and Physicians around the U.S.A. to gain input and understanding of the unique needs of the premature infant.

We listen, we observe, we question, we strive to understand…and we deliver products that exceed the current performance of products available for the neonate today.

At Hummingbird Med, special emphasis is placed on the development of products that will make significant improvements in blood draw techniques for the neonatal patient, including closed systems to reduce infection risk, micro volume of blood movement for sampling, passive pressure techniques and very low flush volume requirements after arterial blood sampling.

Hummingbird Med introduced its first product in early 2013, the Hummi Micro-Draw blood transfer and collection device. The Hummi Micro-Draw embodies our first efforts at improving arterial blood sampling techniques for the neonatal patient. By mid 2016 over 130 Hospitals, including 18 Childrens Hospitals have converted to the Hummi Micro Draw for blood drawing in premature infants.

In September of 2016, Hummingbird Med will release the first UAC Catheter with integral closed blood sampling system for use with the Hummi Micro-Draw device. This will further improve the clinical application of the Hummi Micro-Draw from an infection control standpoint.

Please take the time to view our web site to see what the Hummi Micro-Draw device has to offer to your neonatal population. We at Hummingbird Med think you will like what you see.

If you are interested in having someone contact you regarding the Hummi Micro-Draw, please let us know in the Contact Us page of the website or contact one of our authorized distributors near you.

Hummingbird Med looks forward to serving the Neonatal Community in the months and years to come with additional products to meet the ever changing needs of the neonatal patient.

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